Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photos From the September Purely Post & Beam Class

WOW! What a spectacular week in Maine with fourteen students from as far reaching as Holland. We began by drafting the building to scale to get a sense of the structure we would be cutting and then went right out to the shop to begin cutting the timbers to length! Check out these great photos of our week.

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  1. This was by far the best experience that I have had in many years. We had a great group, nice weather, a lot of good hard work. I have started planning my barn for a next summer raising hopefully, and have spent the last three weekends working with a builder friend of mine cutting and raising his barn. We set it up last Saturday with 2+ inches of rain but when the crane is onsite, the show must go on. I will forward a few pictures taken Sunday with the sheathing crew and frame. The stuff we learned in class has proved very useful in the recent project and has been passed on to my friend who is very skilled craftsman and well read on the subject of timber framing but had never actually cut a frame until now. Every time you get around these buildings you discover something else that matters. I well keep in touch and stop by the next time I’m in the area.

    Doug Damon Fall Class 2009
    Sent via Email on 10/26/09