Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pythagorean Theorum Gets Used Every Day at the Shelter Institute

Last Friday we hosted a dozen middle school students from the Riverview Foundation After School Program. Gaius Hennin, Professional Engineer, presented them with the Pythagorean Theorum and showed them how he uses it to determine the length of braces in timber frame structures. Then Gaius, Pat and Blueberry raised a 10x10 timber frame with them in our educational facility. Students had the chance to fit together the mortice and tenon joints, drive pegs and see how a structure holds itself up.

Learning really can be fun. And all of those math problems you did in geometry class in high school can be used to build great things! Students young and old come to learn skills they can use in the real world. If you have a group that is looking for a great learning experience that links the classroom with a tangible project, contact us and we can create a custom program for you.