Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beautiful Door Mats: A Greener Choice

This is the ideal mat for a Maine home or for a home whose inhabitants wish they were in Maine. Each mat is unique, made out of retired-float rope: rope used to secure multiple lobster traps together along the ocean floor. This rope is being replaced by a weighted rope and was headed straight for the landfill but entrepreneur and Shelter Institute Graduate Penny Johnston developed the Maine Float Rope Company which takes this old rope and turns it into beautiful door mats. A portion of the proceeds of sales of these mats goes to organizations and projects that help protect the Northern Right Whale, support Maine Lobstermen and implement environmentally sound practices in the Gulf of Maine. • colorful and pleasing to the eye• trap dirt, mud, snow and sand like no other mat • cleanup is a snap, just shake the mat our or hose it down• virtually indestructible easily withstands all kinds of weather • Do not absorb water, nor harbor insects • Resistant to mold and mildew, salt water and sun • Reversible for twice the wear, boaters take note, our mats even float!• Handmade by local craftsman, each mat is one of a kind! Please note that because each mat is unique we cannot specify color they come in a variety of bright and vibrant colors. If you have a preference you can request either a bright or a muted tone and we will do our best to fulfill that request.

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  1. this is a better way, having mats which are recycleable :)
    i love your post :)