Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cleaning Up the Yard

Right now is the time to successfully pull unwanted small trees and shrubs from your site in such a way that they will not grow back. You will need 20 feet of 5/16 or 3/8-in. chain with a "grab" hook at one end and a "slip" or " round" hook at the other. Place the slip hook end around the offending brush or small tree and hook it to the chain, forming a lasso. Hook the other end to a part of your car, truck, tractor, or ATV. Be sure to pick a part that will not get ripped off or bend easily. Pull the vehicle forward as slowly as you possibly can. The object is to slither the roots out of the ground without breaking any of them.
The true measure of an adult is whether he (can you get me out of this one?) has the patience and sensitivity to pull a dandelion out without breaking the root (which will quickly grow back ).
This technique ensures that the site will hardly be disturbed (no ruts, excavator gouges or piles of dirt or brush inextricably fused), and the topsoil will remain in your yard, not hauled off to a land fill. The job is done with far less fuel and carbon imprint. The brush will be relatively soil free and can be chipped for insulating mulch or burned to sweeten an acid soil.
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