Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Basic Tools Workshop

You know that piece of trim that needs to be replaced, or the door that sticks in the kitchen, or the light fixture you want to replace. . .you can do it yourself and many other much bigger projects with the right tools!

My Mom always said – a woman may not have the strength to bash a beam into place, but she’ll find a way to get it there one way or another. Having the right tools and creative mentality are key to making that happen. A few years ago I gave a tool talk to an audience of women at a library in Damariscotta – the enthusiasm and standing ovation made me want to offer it at Shelter. Awhile ago I read an article in one of my FAVORITE magazines about tool selection and it was such a disappointment. It didn’t feature any of the really cool tools available. So here is my version of that article in real life. I offered this workshop last year to Women-Only and there was an outcry from the less-experienced men out there interestd in learning some basic tools in a friendly environment so I've opened this workshop up to men and women alike! This workshop will be an easy space to learn about tools and get your feet on the ground, an opportunity to bring your questions and have a discussion!

This is a four-hour workshop on tools—how to assess the problem and visualize practical solutions, what tools to look for, and how to evaluate them based on your use and your budget. We’ll discuss the basic tools you should have in your toolbox regardless of where you fall in the spectrum of house building, renovating, maintaining, and woodworking in general. A base level of knowledge about tools enables you to make confident decisions about where to spend a little extra money and when you can get a base model that will do exactly what you need. I’ll discuss hand tools and power tools and what to look for – which brands are ergonomically friendly and which brands are touting the best battery life! I can’t promise that you’ll never have to deal with a condescending salesman at the hardware store again, but I can promise that you will have confidence to speak clearly and accurately about a tool when you do have to deal with a sales person.

It doesn’t matter whether you're hanging a picture on the wall or building the wall yourself. There are a few select items that will make these projects manageable. We'll have on hand a selection of Shelter's favorite tools for you to handle and try and I’ll show you my absolute favorite essentials that you won’t necessarily find at the big box stores.

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