Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bonus Father's Day Gift Idea for the Shelter Dad

From now until June 30th, if you purchase a Tormek T-7, you'll receive a free rotating base (the Tormek RB-180, which sells for $55). With the rotating base, you can swivel the sharpening system 180 degrees to select the perfect position for sharpening.

We purchased a T-7 several years ago for our timber framing shop to help with shop efficiency. Our crew liked it so much that nearly everyone of them went out and bought their own to take home. The T-7 comes with an angle jig, a stone grader, a square-edge jig and a dressing tool. It also comes with a how-to DVD and book. You will be able to sharpen all of your chisels and square edge tools right away, and Tormek makes accessories for nearly every shape and size cutting tool out there. We carry just about all of them.

If you’ve heard about the Tormek sharpening system, you know that the Tormek products have a fantastic reputation. The stellar grinding machines hold up in the most brutal of commercial settings. 

Tormek Special Offer
Their two flagship systems, the T-7 the T-3, sharpen almost anything quickly and easily, and they come with an impressive 7-year warranty. The T-3 model, perfect for hobbyists, is great for sharpening knives, scissors, hand and wood carving tools.
Consider saving yourself some time, money, and frustration. Quit working with dull tools and knives or sending your items out to be sharpened. Get a Tormek for your woodworking dad or for yourself. Both the T-3 and the larger T-7 are available in our Woolwich store and online at

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