Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Shelter Dad

Are you shopping for another set of barbecue tools for your Dad? Don't settle for a boring Father's Day gift. Get dad a tool to help him get the job done right. We've got a great selection of tools and products for every dad from woodworkers, builders, boaters, cooks, to dreamers.

Here are a few of our favorite Father's Day items. If you don't see the perfect gift here, then please email or call us for ideas. We hand pick and use all of the products we sell, so we are bound to have exactly what you're looking for.

Here are some gift ideas:

I lived the first half of my life in California. One of the things I miss most (besides sunshine) is the abundance of good salsa. If I'm not at El Camino in Brunswick, you may find me making salsa or guacamole at home. I'm lucky enough to have received the fantastic gift of a Boos Block cutting board. The Boos brand isn't your ordinary line of cheap cutting blocks. They make cutting surfaces that will last a lifetime. With a little care, they'll last generations. The photo at right is the Boos Mezzaluna—a 10"x10" block with an 8" diameter hollow for chopping big things into small things. The set includes a double-edge stainless chopping implement that will make fast work of vegetables, nuts, meat, or avocado. It's packaged in an attractive wood case with a plexiglass cover for easy gift wrapping. The Mezzaluna is $89.00 and available on our website or by calling the store.

My dad is a really good photographer. He told me recently that he's done with paying for expensive framing, and he's going to start building his own. I knew right away what he needed: a razorsaw. The saw pictured at left, the Dozuki 180, is ideal for small joinery in most woods. It cuts a thin and straight kerf. The comfortable plastic handle is durable. and the clamp and screw that hold the replaceable blade in position are both easy to use. The blade is long-lasting, and, like all of our Japanese saws, cuts the way a saw should cut. The Dozuki 180 is $33.25.

Being a dad can be stressful. A lot of dads take up woodworking as a hobby so they can bash things. That's all fine and good, until they see the round dimple of their hammer marring their beautiful new project. Solve this problem for your dad by getting him a quality mallet. The Wood Is Good mallets are made in Maine. They're one of the most popular items we carry, and when we travel to trade shows, they sell out on the first day. We always get offers for the one we take with us, but we need it for taking down our show frame. Your dad will be the envy of his friends when he wields his hunter green mallet. The hardwood handle is easy to grip. But the real secret is the thick-molded urethane head. This material transmits the energy of every blow without ever damaging the handle of your favorite chisel. It comes in a variety of weights: the 20 ounce mallet is $33.35 and the 30 ounce mallet is $39.50. The lighter model is great for cabinet makers, boat builders, or framers. The heavier model is better for timber framers needing to strike a heavy blow. I prefer the lighter mallet. It's versatile, and it won't tire you after a day of work in the shop.

Didn't find the perfect gift here? Check out the cool items we have at Shelter Tools online or at our store located on the Shelter campus.

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