Thursday, May 10, 2012

Learn How to Be Your Own Contractor

Register today for the two-day Contract-It-Yourself course, May 26-27, at Shelter.

If you're planning a building or renovation project, this is the class for you. Whether you work with a General Contractor or you want to be your own General Contractor this class will help you understand the building process and teach you how to finance and budget the project. We'll cover what kinds of contracts and additional insurance is needed for construction and how to ensure that the project goes without a hitch to completion.

Renovating doesn't need
to be a nightmare
Shelter brings to the table a variety of perspectives. We're a retail supplier of building materials and tools, timber framers, designers, engineers, realtors, instructors, and home owners. Every day, we have the opportunity to rub shoulders with carpenters, plumbers, electricians, concrete crews, homeowners, and hopeful home owners. This experience provides us with infinite insight into how a house building project can go awry and how to keep it on track.

In this two-day intensive seminar, we'll help you understand materials, techniques, and trade-related terms. You'll learn the details that will make your next construction project run so smoothly that it is actually fun.

Take a look at our syllabus, and call (207) 442-7938 or email if you have questions.

Register online today.
Deposit: $200 per person (reserves your place now)
Tuition: $375/person or $700/couple

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