Friday, May 10, 2013

New Skylight Product at Shelter

New Velux Solar-Powered Skylight
Shelter installs many skylights. Any penetration made in a roof should be constructed with care and with quality materials. (Read more about metal roof penetrations in an enlightening post written previously by Gaius.)

Our preferred skylight vendor is Velux, a manufacturer who makes quality skylights and roof windows with 10-year warranties.

They have a new product, a solar-powered "fresh air" skylight. It includes a solar panel that powers the opening and closing of the skylight or solar shade by remote control.

Velux notes that this product qualifies for the Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit, which could lead to $850 in savings.

Fresh air skylights are helpful in weather-tight homes. They provide air exchange, help with cooling in the summer, and of course, provide much needed light during long winters.

Read more on the Velux website or watch the video below.

VSS Consumer Video from veluxusa on Vimeo.

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