Friday, January 6, 2012

Living Simply Class at Shelter

We've written about Ben Tipton previously on the Shelter Build blog. Four years ago, the Tipton family and Shelter built a home in Woolwich, Maine. The Tipton's goal was to down size and live as energy efficiently as possible. You can read more about the Tipton's home and their personal journey on their blog: Simple Living.

Ben is returning to his blog, and he is also offering a class at Shelter on February 18th titled, "Living More Simply." The simple goal Ben would like to impart is...


How can we achieve mindfulness? How can we reduce the noise and stress in our lives? To begin, Ben asks us to BREATHE..... One simple act that can help us push the pause button on our busy lives. Slow down and walk at 1/3 your normal speed and get to see more along this path we call life.

In Ben's six-hour workshop he'll help you think about slowing down and enjoying every moment more fully. Come learn a new skill, explore ways you can simplify your life, connect with others and learn techniques for managing stress through simple living. We will carve a wooden spoon, make elderberry syrup, share stories, walk in the woods, and slow down while discussing ways to simplify your life while still being engaged in our modern world.

Ben Tipton has been trying to simplify his life and has been investigating the impact of simple living on our health. With over 16 years experience as a physician assistant he has seen the direct impact a stress-filled life can have and has sought ways to help heal by slowing down. His education has been supported by standing on the shoulders of really smart people, through which he has acquired many skills of yesterday and today. He currently grows his own food with the help of his wife, two kids, a dog, 8 chickens and a rabbit on the rocky clay filled soils along the coast of Maine. While he does not consider himself an expert, he employs the mindset of "try something and see what works."

Register for the Living More Simply class online at Shelter.

Tuition is $45 per person. The class will be held on the Shelter Campus, February 18, 2012 from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Lunch will be provided and each student will receive a traditional Murphy's Carving Knife and a blank of wood for carving.

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