Thursday, June 9, 2011

Father's Day is right around the corner . . .

Are you shopping for neckties this weekend for dad? Don't settle for a boring Father's Day gift. Get dad a tool to help him get the job done right. We've got a great selection of tools and products for every dad from woodworkers, builders, boaters, cooks, to dreamers.

The funny thing that happens as we get older is that the people in our life seem to multiply exponentially. Now, as I think about Father's day, I also think of my husband (the father of my two beautiful girls), and my brothers, and my cousins, and my uncles, and some of my great friends who are dads. My Dad is incredibly special to me, but all of those dad's out there who aren't mine are pretty amazing too. Sometimes I end up picking up a bunch of little things just for those other great dads. So if I don't get you on my list this year, type in DAD on your next order by June 20 and we'll take 15% off your online purchase. (We'll apply the discount when we process your order.) 

Here are a few of our favorite new items. Prices start at $8.95! If you don't see the perfect gift here, then please email or call us for ideas. We hand pick and use all of the products we sell, so we are bound to have something that will make your Dad's Day GREAT!

Over the years, I've given my Dad any number of Father's day gifts to try to show him how much I love him and how much I appreciate him. I've made him dinner, his favorite apricot cookies (maybe you can persuade me to share that recipe someday), skids for his snow plow, music, and endless sets of wrenches. Last year I tracked down an obscure radio antennae for one of his cars. I always hunt for something that he has been sort of hankering for and not even realized it. Like when he mentions how he wants to turn the attached garage on his house into a more comfortable workspace, or finish the trim in the kitchen or maybe just clean up the yard. I can't imagine that any one of these gifts actually conveys how much I appreciate him. But I am hopeful that the compilation over the years conveys my gratitude.

Here are some gift ideas:
This is the ultimate in Garage idea books. The garage can be a cool finished space that houses your hobby, whatever it may be, from tinkering with big boy toys to sitting back an enjoying the game or shooting a few hoops. If your dad is planning a renovation project, this idea book will be sure to grab is imagination. SKU 9781561586455 $24.95

Nail Set Two-Way FineThis two-way Nail Set is one of those best kept secrets of great carpenter's and builder's tool boxes. It comes in handy on a myriad of projects, and the price can't be beat! SKU 04972509936 $8.95 

Silky F180 Folding Saw, coarse
This folding saw has been in our store for nearly 30 years and we STILL love it. If your dad doesn't have one yet, it will make a great addition to his collection. And you can get a spare blade for when he lends it to his buddy to use to cut through old wood with lots of staples and nails in it.
SKU 4903585143185 $34.95

Didn't find the perfect gift here? Check out the cool Tools at our STORE!

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