Saturday, December 18, 2010

Buy a Woodstove Now, Before the Tax Credit Expires

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Now is the time to buy a woodstove. The Federal tax credit for "biomass" stoves expires at the end of this month (December 2010). Shelter sells quality Vermont Castings stoves, and they are truly things of beauty. We can help you select a wood stove that qualifies for the tax credit (a full list of Vermont Castings stoves that qualify can be found here), and we are happy to help you find the right size and type of stove for your home.

The tax credit is for 30% of the cost (installation included) of the biomass fuel stove used for heat or heating water, up to $1500 . You can purchase more than one stove and receive credit on both of them -- up to $1500. The stoves must have a thermal efficiency rating of at least 75% as measured using a lower heating value.

Biomass is not a word you see too often. The law defines "biomass fuel" as any plant-derived fuel available on a renewable or recurring basis, including agricultural crops and trees, wood, wood waste and residues (including wood pellets), plants (including aquatic plants), grasses, residues, and fibers.

For more information about wood stoves, energy efficiency, or the Federal tax credit, read our blog posts on energy efficiency, contact us by phone at (207-442-7938) or email for additional information.

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