Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great Resource

I'll apologize up front for the very geographically specific nature of this post: Midcoast Maine!

Maine is waking up and spring is very much in the air! As we begin to venture out of hibernation and see others venturing out I’ve been given great cause to use my new favorite Maine Coast resource: The SunriseGuide. This a great book that serves as a guidebook to living well in southern Maine. There are articles, tips and ideas that make it easy to be green by connecting consumers with great opportunities and services. But even better than the guide are the COUPONS! There are more than 165 coupons for local and eco-friendly businesses that can save you over $5300. Oakhurst milk, the Portland Symphony Orchestra, the Frontier Cafe, The Downeaster Train and much more. Eat local for less, meditation centers, Tax Credits, Triathlons, Nature-based getaways -- this is a wealth of ideas and knowledge about Maine. If you or a friend are moving to the area or planning to spend any time here this summer this is a must have. The SunriseGuide also has a great web site and newsletter providing excellent opportunities in the Midcoast area for learning about energy efficiency, organic food resources, music and athletic events and much more. And they've got an enewsletter that can alert you to the latest and greatest events.
And of course yours truly offers a discount coupon in it for the retail store of 25% WOW that is a great discount! If you are looking for other Maine products check them out on our website -- we have an entire section of Maine goodies including doormats, books about Maine Homes, books about Maine Cooking by Marjorie Standish, mallets made in Maine by Garland Tool Manuf. and beautiful wood clipboards! And if you have a Maine-made product that you think we should carry let us know!

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