Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Sale 30% Off Waterscaping Books

If you are considering a waterscaping project this summer, we have the book to make it easier. Great idea books with themes of ponds, pools, waterfalls and even vegetation that does well around a water feature. But also the real how-to books on how to select the right type of liner for your pond or pool or even how to decide if you need a liner, pump selection and maintenance, as well as edging selection.

Integrating water into your landscaping affords you a wonderful luxury of storage of water for emergency, a place to cool off on a hot summer day or simply a relaxing place to sit. And that low spot in the lawn that has always been a little squishy because of the standing water is ideal for your water feature! My parents have always had a pond on their property and use it for a multitude of things from simply a way to drain the surrounding land to make it more useable to watering the horses and swimming but my favorite thing about their pond are the frogs and peepers that sing in the summer evenings.

Come check out our latest bookshelf added to our web store; a great selection of waterscaping books -- 30% off now through March 27th. Discount is marked on the webstore and is available in person. Below are my three favorites but there are a total of fourteen on sale; visit our Waterscaping Shelf to see them all!

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