Monday, October 12, 2009

Intro to Concrete Countertops

October 17, 2009 9:30-10:30
Concrete countertops are extremely popular for new construction and renovations because their beauty and versatility. Concrete creates a unique and beautiful end product that is environmentally sound, low cost and you can do yourself. In this free one hour workshop, we’ll discuss the many ways they can be formed, stained, ground and finished. Our discussion will address the benefits of concrete and how to overcome the limitations. We’ll have samples for you to see and feel and we'll walk through the process. You'll leave with list of materials and a cost estimate. Concrete counter tops are attainable – we want to show you how! Contact us for details!
This is a FREE one hour workshop with a question and answer session at the end but you must register in advance as space is limited. Send an email with your name, address and phone number as well as the class subject and date to or call 207-442-7938 to reserve your spot today.

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  1. This comment was received via email on 10/26/09
    As far as the workshop went, I found it extremely interesting. I had to leave before it ended, due to overbooking myself that day. I would like to do a hands on workshop when it becomes scheduled. Obviously that will likely cost money, and I'm o.k. with that. I can imagine that the cast in place method will present some challenges, as far as not messing up the finished goods
    below the counter. Anyhow, let me know when you've got one scheduled. Thanks again for all the good info. I thought that, judging by the questions posed by other students, they were just
    as intrigued as I.