Monday, June 15, 2009

FREE WORKSHOP: Masonry Heaters

Saturday June 20, 2009 9:30-10:30
Perhaps because we are located in Maine, the thought of curling up next to wood heat is always inviting -- even in June. In fact this early, rainy morning I fired up my own Vermont Castings wood stove to take off the chill. Whether it is summer or winter, people are always asking about alternative heat sources from wood stoves to pellet heaters, gas space heaters, coal and wood fired furnaces in the basement . . . the list is endless. Well we thought we'd quell at least a few of those inquiries with a free workshop about Masonry Heaters.

Masonry heaters combine some of the best features of a wood heat source: the burn efficiency of a wood stove and the heat retention and beauty of a fireplace. When described that way, I wonder why we don't all have them. So, we invited Eric Schroeder, a local masonry heater builder to discuss design, integration with floor plan, construction materials, and even cost of construction and installation. Eric has traveled the world to learn about Masonry heaters and spent the last three years working as an apprentice for a number of different masonry heater builders. Join us for a free one hour session to learn more about whether a Masonry Heater is right for your home or business. Bring your own floor plan and questions and we'll be sure to get you headed in the right direction! And if the Masonry Heater is not the alternative heat source you are considering, what is? We'd like to know!

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