Friday, May 1, 2009

Maine Public Broadcasting Auction

Shelter Institute supports Maine Public Broadcasting Networks annually by donating one course tuition to the MPBN Great TV Auction. This year you can bid for items online! Check out our class and make a bid and see the other great items up for auction!

This year we donated tuition for the One Week Small Housebuilding Class. Cabins, camps, sheds, guest houses, cottages, and tree-houses are all tiny houses. Learn to design and build a small structure to suit your own particular needs in this one-week hands-on seminar. We will design and build a small cabin to serve as a year-round guest house. The size of this particular house will be less than 200 square feet!We address such issues as design (how to make a small space feel big), basic structural engineering, heating and cooling as well as alternative plumbing solutions. Our structure will demonstrate low environmental impact on its surroundings and is designed for minimal maintenance through the years. Learn to use basic hand tools effectively in this class - upon registration, we will provide you with a list of suggested tools. Part of the class will be an introduction to the best tools for the most common tasks. And of course, any tools you do not already own, you can purchase here at Woodbutcher Tools during your stay. A key component of this seminar is our panelized construction technique which allows for efficient, fast construction that is strong and durable. You will learn the tips and tricks to make your own tiny house as permanent and useful as any larger structure.

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